Tips on Packing When Moving

How to properly pack fragile or valuable goods when moving

So, the date for moving to your new house is finally fixed, and now all that remains is packing up your bags and leaving. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s really not all that simple. While the lengthy and stressful task of house hunting and carrying out the necessary paper work might seem like bigger ordeals, packing your items and moving them to the new home is no less. A little carelessness and you might end up with pitiful shards of broken china that you bought on your vacation in Italy or an ugly crack on the exotic crystal mantelpiece that your grandma gifted you on your wedding. However, by following a few simple guidelines of packing your fragile and valuable goods, you can considerably lower the chances of any transportation damages during the move.

Choose the right boxes

While selecting a large carton provides ample space for your fragile items to move around and break, packing them up in a flimsy low grade box might end up tearing and exposing your valuables to potential scratches or falls during the big move. The idea is to evaluate the weight of the items and choose a double walled carton to ensure maximum protection against damages. For packing cutlery items or multiple pieces of glasses, you can choose custom made boxes that provide padded partitions for inserting and securing the different pieces in position.

Use packing paper for fine glassware

While packing your glassware, you must ensure to wrap each piece separately in packing paper and also insert crumpled paper inside the bigger pieces to minimize empty spaces. Line your packing box with generous amounts of packing paper before placing the heavier items on the bottom and finishing off with the lightest on top.

Packing décor items

Lampshades must be packed separately with the shade secured in a carton lined with lots of packing paper and the base rolled up in good quality bubble wrap in another box. While smaller picture frames may be packed in a horizontal direction in medium sized boxes lined with generous amount of packing paper, frames of sizes bigger than 8 inches must be places in a vertical position with a thick layer of paper in between for optimum resistance to shocks. Larger pictures of over 3 feet in size must be secure properly by using plastic wraps and moving blankets.

Taking your time in planning well ahead of the move eliminates any last minute glitches and ensures that you have a stress free and safe move.