All About Barnegat

Located at a distance of 13 miles from the famous Toms River, in Ocean County, is the quiet and serene neighborhood of Barnegat. The area derives its name from the Barnegat Inlet and Barnegat Bay both of which were originally called the Barendegat by the Dutch settlers centuries ago in the year 1614 owing to the turbulent channel of the waterway. In the 2010 Census recorded by the United States that population of the town was established as 20,936, which was the highest figure in any of the decennial census.

A Brief History of Barnegat

Incorporated in the month of March, 1846 by combining pieces of land from both Toms River Township and Stafford Township in the Monmouth-Ocean region, the Barnegat was originally called the Union Township. The earliest known settlers in the Barnegat Bay area were called Delaware Indians who belonged to a tribe known as Lenni Lenape. While the area was originally a part of the Monmouth County, the government later shifted its jurisdiction to the newly developed Ocean County in February of 1850. The Union Township was renamed to Barnegat with effect from January 1st, 1977.

Nearby areas of attraction

Conveniently positioned in a hub of interesting county and state highways, the present day Barnegat is located at a distance of 90 miles in the southern direction of the New York City and barely 60 miles in the east of Philadelphia. Flanked by the shores of the Barnegat Bay on the eastern side, the town is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Long Beach. The city offers a range of tourist attractions and places to visit including:

  • Barnegat Lighthouse State Park
  • Barnegat Light Museum
  • Fantasy Island
  • Viking Village
  • Blackbeard’s Cave
  • Island Beach State Park
  • Heritage Village
  • Picadilly Playland
  • Virginia Perle Art Gallery

The rich cultural heritage of Barnegat

Much of the cultural heritage of Barnegat showcases nuances of the early settlers who inhabited the Barnegat Bay area and developed a variety of vocations such as glass making, commerce and ship building as their livelihood. A number of fishing and marine activities including crabbing, boating, bay bathing and so on can still be witnessed in the Barnegat Bay area. The Historic District of Barnegat is a mix of museums, restaurants, boutiques, gift shops, antique stores, parks and what not.

Barnegat is fast emerging as a viable area for both residential and commercial growth. With a large number of development projects already underway and several still in the pipeline, it can be safely said that, Barnegat is the next hotspot for real-estate.